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Determine Whether  (and If)
Your Website Should Comply with ADA Rules

There are no hard and fast rules for website ADA compliance.
This video explains how to decide the issues for your company.

How to Evaluate Your Website ADA Compliance

View the video to discover the gold standard tool for evaluating your website’s ADA Compliance

Don’t create a compliance Nazi

Watch the video and learn how to align the interests of the Marketing and Compliance departments.


The weakest part of a compliance program is often a failure to monitor performance – and to document the ongoing compliance effort. We know how to build affordable technology tools that will provide the no-noise reports management needs to supervise compliance performance.


Training is far, far more than a review of the reg’s technical requirements. Training has two more critical components: (1) making sure that updates and changes to the regulation are communicated and put in force and (2) exposing and then remediating weakness in the current compliance program

Risk Assessments

Federal guidelines require a risk assessment at least every 18 months, although every 12 months is preferred.  Further, a risk assessment should be performed when ever a new product or service are rolled out.  Ditto prior to “significant event”–purchase of participations or deposits or new offices, even key staff changes. And double ditto before signing up with a third party vendor who will have access to customer data or otherwise perform certain “critical” functions.

Exam Response

Misunderstandings or miscommunications might cause seriously negative examination criticism that will require both an evaluation & written response including a detailed “plan of remediation”.

Advice and Consulting

We never charge a fee to discuss a compliance issue and to provide our advice and consultation. We’re also happy to pass along information we have found, such as research, published news and reports, etc.

Audit and Review

Regulators expect financial instructions to be proactive, finding and fixing problems before the exam team arrives. We provide fast-turn, web-delivered solutions.

Software Evaluations

Effective software can greatly improve compliance and make the process much more efficient. But, there is a dark side: much of the software is very expensive, the initial implementation burden is heavy and the resulting reports may generate far too information that is of little value.

BSA/AML Compliance

BSA is a hyra-headed regulation that has its tentacles in lots of places inside the bank. Compliance with BSA/AML cuts across areas of responsibility. The compliance burden grows evermore complex.

Policy Writing

The first step in satisfactory compliance is a good policy and procedure. We have templates, based on the FDIC/OCC examination handbooks, that we customize for your institution. These customized templates are an affordable way to achieve compliance