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BSA/AML Compliance Solutions for Community Financial Institutions

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Specialized Compliance Services for Small Institutions


Sometimes, the weakest part of a compliance program is often a failure to monitor performance – and to document the ongoing compliance effort. Read more >>>

Risk Assessments

Regulators are demanding the risk assessment be “risk focused”. This will require more information and analysis. Now, every institution is expected to do a granular, down to specific products or services and account geographic, analysis.


You're preparing for AMLA 2020, right?

Even though the final regs are not out there, there’s a lot you should be doing to prepare for the implementation of the AML Act of 2020.  Need some help getting ready?  We can help.  Ping the contact form and let’s start talking.

Policy and Procedure Writing

The first step in satisfactory compliance is developing a written policy and procedure. We have templates, based on the regulator examination handbooks, that we customize for your institution. Read more >>>


Training is far more than a review of the reg’s technical requirements. Training should produce a “compliance mindset,” so that you begin build a compliance “culture” in your institution. Read more >>>

Exam Response

Misunderstandings or miscommunications might cause negative examination criticism that will require both an evaluation & written response including a detailed “plan of remediation”. Read more >>>

Software Evaluations

Effective software can greatly improve compliance and make the process much more efficient. But, there is a dark side: much of the software is very expensive, the initial implementation burden is heavy and the resulting reports may generate far too information that is of little value. Read more >>>

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