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BSA/AML Compliance: Maximize results, Minimize cost

We strive to be a compliance partner,
a valuable resource to your bank’s compliance effort

We are a strategic planning, market research and federal regulatory compliance company that has been in continuous operation since 1979. In 1980, we helped develop the first data-mining solution for financial institutions: the Marketing Customer Information File (MCIF). In the mid-80’s, we learned that we had to have a deep understanding of the regulatory side of banking if we were going to be effective planners and marketers. Thus, our compliance division was born.

Since that time, we have provided compliance management programs to financial institutions that want to be Level One-Compliant. We help install the systems and procedures to get ahead of fast-changing regulatory demands. We provide written policies and procedures that help banks stay on the right side of the compliance line. (See seven reasons why we could be right for your institution.)

We know our services can’t replace or substitute for a financial institution’s own compliance staff. Rather, we aspire to be an excellent team member (or perhaps a project leader) and a valuable resource and business partner. (See more about how we think)

Our’ staff includes marketers, database programmers and other degreed professionals whose specialties include bank regulation compliance, marketing, computer programming, data analysis/modeling and technical/expository writing. (See more about how we work)

One last thing to consider: our first compliance client came to us in 1998.  They’re still with us today.  We’re the longest-lived consultant the bank has — by a long shot.

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