How We Think.

We’re not your father’s compliance services provider. We focus maximizing your resources and minimizing customer inconvenience

Delivery effective, affordable, compliance solutions off-site, via secure email and the internet.

Not just a collection of compliance geeks.

We have a unique compliance perspective:.

We know a bank has to make money;  it doesn’t exist just to comply with the regulations.

We also know how to craft effective, affordable compliance and compliance management programs that help banks achieve and maintain full compliance.

Finally, we understand compliance geeks may not be the best fit with your project, or your bank.

More than compliance geeks.

Our staff includes marketers, statisticians, database programmers and other degreed professionals whose specialties include bank compliance, marketing, computer programming, data analysis/modeling and technical/expository writing.

We are a strategic planning, market research and federal regulatory compliance company that’s been in continuous operation since 1979.  Our first compliance client came to us in 1998.  They have been with us ever since.

Our Strengths

The company’s particular strengths are

  • cost-effective compliance programs
  • customer research,
  • customer profiling, and
  • geographic market research.

We strongly prefer to develop ongoing relationships with clients so we can be part of the solution. We want a partnership with our clients, one which permits us to continually refine and enhance their marketing success. (See SIX REASONS why we should be your first choice.)

See why we are a good fit for your compliance team effort.

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We brought in this firm to help us when our compliance program got out of control back in 1998. They’ve been a big help to us ever since… in fact, they are the longest-lived consultant our bank ever had.

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