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More than compliance knowledge.  We bring compliance skills plus business savvy to the table.


A compliance geek may not be the best fit with your institution.

We understand the bank’s priority is to serve the customer, not be a compliance hero. We know how to deliver compliance solutions that will serve two purposes: maintain customer service and achieve satisfactory compliance. Here are seven reasons we’re a good resource for your compliance program:

1) We fit into your culture.

Our clients tell us our ability to manage compliance projects and convert insiders into effective team members is a rare skill. After all, almost no compliance project is a solo exercise. There are overlapping departments, and often some complicated IT issues, in play. Our business wisdom, compliance savvy and great people skills provide what’s needed to get complicated projects over the goal line – on time and under budget.

2) We understand the spirit and the letter of the reg.

We don’t pretend to be photographic memory compliance people. We aren’t compliance Nazis. We have learned how to get projects done that honor the letter and the spirit of the rules. We also understand the implications of priorities to risk.  We can help clients decide how to balance compliance risk with business risk.

3) We’re a leader in inventing compliance niche technology.

Many folks are surprised by this. But the fact is: we’ve been creating technology solutions that accomplish compliance goals since we partnered up to create one of the first MCIFs ever done for a community bank. At least half-dozen times a year we fill a client need with a computer coded program interface to solve a thorny compliance problem. (We keep in mind that there may often be ways to use common business tools, as in Excel or Access, to accomplish a task. This in honor of “keeping solutions as simple as possible.”And one last thing, we aren’t afraid to recommend a good solution even if it’s going to contribute to the existence of a silo. Silos are great things to tolerate. But a compliance measuring gap shouldn’t be tolerated just because it means working inside a solo. Silo-breakers will come as time and technology improves, but examinations come regularly.

4) Concierge-level customer service.

We want to be the best business partner you ever saw – or heard about. From the beginning of the work scope, we commit to a successful completion, which means we deliver on-time and in-budget. Whatever that takes is what we do. No matter what. (You may be interested to know that our longest lived client is a community bank who came to us in 1998–and who are still with us.)

5) We don’t aspire to 100% billable hours.

Our client relationships are not all about money. They are about earning respect and trust. Frequently, we do ‘value -added’ projects at no charge. We like these opportunities to make human connection. Besides, we always learn something valuable.

6) We’ve don’t charge for brainstorming.

We want to be one of the first people you call when you want to do some spit-balling. So if you’re wrestling with how to get a project up and running — or trying to decide just exactly how to get your bank going in a good direction — call us. If we have some research or history with your subject, we’ll provide it to you, no charge.

7) We’re not hung up on our past success.

Our company has been around since 1972. In all that time, we’ve learned that the past counts for a little. It’s what you’re going to be doing in the next five years that defines you. We’re pretty good at knowing what’s coming and what it means for community financial institutions. We figure we can give a community FI a minimum of two years head start on any given marketing, technological or compliance imperative. That sound good to you?

If you'd like to talk this over, reach out to us at 828-230-5802

Remember, there's never a cost to spit-ball a compliance issue.

They came in to help us a few years back. We liked the way they do business. They’re focused on helping us, not on their billing. One of their execs serves on our compliance committee and is a big part of our compliance management.

Community Bank CEO