Audits and Review:

A compliance crystal ball that can help maintain compliance – and avoid expense “crash” fixes.

It’s smart to find and fix problems before the examination team arrives.

Regulators expect financial instructions to be proactive, finding and fixing problems before the exam team arrives. We provide fast-turn, web-delivered solutions.

In some cases, such as BSA/AML, independent reviews or audits are actually required; in other situations, independent reviews are “suggestions”. Most reviews can be done offsite for minimum costs.

Want to know more? Here’s the next steps.

  1. Call to discuss your needs and to obtain our Certificate of Non-Disclosure and Privacy Agreement.
  2. If we’re only spit-balling, than skip Step 3. We don’t charge for conferences or to share our experience.
  3. Review our Fee Proposal. If it is acceptable, go to next step. NOTE: depending upon the circumstances, not all information request may be necessary. The rule of thumb: if you’re paying us, we want as much information as possible. If we’re just talking, then less information may be forthcoming.
  4. Provide some information for our discussion session. Some, all or none of the below maybe appropriate.
    • Summarize examination comments (positive and negative) along with examiner recommendations and send those to us. Include in your summary both the written comments as well as any oral communication that took place. NOTE: we may not need to see copies of the actual comments;  we can always review with a GoToMeeting session.
    • Gather up your current policy and procedures along with any documents you use to open accounts or perform the work. You can scan and email to our secure portal or fax them to us.
    • Gather your current reports you are using now to manage compliance.
    • Summarize your current monitoring efforts; provide copies of reports used.
  5. We’ll send you a checklist you can use to help us understand the specifics of how you operate this part of the bank and how you are managing the compliance piece.
  6. We’ll send you the “prelim” policy and procedure in a MS WORD format to review and revise.
  7. We’ll schedule a follow-up phone conference to review your changes
  8. We’ll send the revised Policy and Procedure
  9. You provide credit card for our billing. (Payment by ACH and/or check is also acceptable.)


I hear good things about them wherever I travel in my state. I think one of their best attributes is they aren’t just compliance geeks. They understand how compliance has to fit in with the bank’s mission to serve customers and make money. In my experience, it’s rare to find compliance people with a highly developed sense of a bank’s true mission.

Industry Trade Group Executive