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Exam Response:

Show them you get it.

Sometimes, due to misunderstandings or lack of clear communication, an institution may get a seriously negative examination criticism. Typically, these citations require the institution to evaluate the examiner’s position and respond in writing with a detailed “plan of remediation”.

We can help the bank prepare a clear, concise response. If there is a “counter-case” to be made, we can help position your defenses. Management should keep in mind that an exam response lives a long time. It needs to be written by a good communicator. It must be convincing. And it must set forth (1) “do-able” remediation fixes, (2) a reasonable time to achieve compliance and, (3) most importantly, a process to monitor and modify the fix over time.

We hope you never have to deal with this issue. But, if it happens, call us. It doesn’t cost anything to talk it over.

If you think  you may have this issue coming at you, give us a call.  The sooner we get to work, the sooner we can have an effective answer.


They came in to help us a few years back. We liked the way they do business. They’re focused on helping us, not on their billing. One of their execs serves on our compliance committee and is a big part of our compliance management.

Community Bank CEO

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