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Customer Education Comes Front and Center

The next big thing in bank compliance.

You heard it here first: banks will be going on the offensive to solve their customer’s security problems by launching “Customer Security Portals” and “Customer Feedback Portals.”

Banks are making this move partly to diffuse future legal risks when customers get into trouble with a cyber-heist and start looking to the bank to pay for the problem. And, partly they are responding to the growing insistence among regulators that banks provide meaningful, useful customer education materials.

Whatever the reason, a portal connected to the bank’s website (and social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and the bank’s blog) is an ideal way to provide timely security information — and here’s the bonus — a way to engage customers with interactive feedback.

The possibilities are limitless. And, the really good news, banks can implement this customer engagement for very low costs.

If you’d like to kick around some ideas about the “how” and “how much” give me a call.  Remember, it never costs anything to brainstorm and share our experience.  Call me at 800-521-0236, Ext 17.  Or email me with CUSTOMER SECURITY in the subject line.  I can show you a couple of sample portal designs your bank could start using next week.