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Maximize Compliance. Mimimize Cost.

Reduce compliance costs by minimizing the on-site component.

Using secure, encrypted internet tools, we’ve learned to lower compliance costs by greatly reducing the on-site component. In any “maintenance/monitoring modes” , it is not necessary for our compliance staff to be in the bank to perform the regulatory reviews and audits. Using tools like Bomgar, we’ll able to “remote in” and get the majority of our work done online. The cost savings to clients is significant.

We are very sensitive to the need to keep BSA/AML information confidential and secure.  For that reason, we have secure, encrypted tools to protect information. We have a strong Customer Information Security Procedure, Certified Liability Insurance and annual internal audits of our security program.

What about our billing practices?

It is important to know that we don’t require up-front payments or retainers. We only send an invoice after the work is done, when you are satisfied. You can pay us by check, ACH or credit card.

We are available, 24/7, by email, text, email and fax.

We provide signed non-disclosure and non-compete agreements before we go to work.  We are alert to minimize our exposure to your customer data. We provide secure email and uploads as required.

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