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An on-line, off-site compliance resource for community banks.

Taking a load off.

We been a  solid, savvy compliance management resource since the 80’s.  Lately, we’ve discovered we can help more banks affordably solve compliance problems by using 21st century technology.   So, now we’re making it official: we’re launching an off-site compliance service so banks can get pro-level compliance consulting services from us for half the cost and in one-third the time.

What’s in it for a bank?

Our off-site compliance service gives bank compliance people a chance to get real help without breaking the budget. (One of our clients once said to us, “I can’t run the train and lay track at the same time.  You guys take the pressure off so I can actually think.”)

Here’s a quick-list of typical compliance services and solutions we deliver off-site and online:

  • Compliance Audits and Reviews
  • Risk Assessments for Bank Secrecy, UDAAP, Fair Lending, Deposit Operations, ACH, RDC and more
  • Compliance Management Programs
  • Independent Reviews
  • Director Compliance Training
  • Bank Secrecy Policy and Procedures
  • Policy and Procedure Templates (customized to fit your institution)
  • Prepare Compliance Budgets and ROIs

If your bank can  use some affordable compliance relief, call me (800-544-8269) and let’s talk it over.  Or send me an email with OFFSITE in the subject line.  Remember, there’s no charge to talk things over and swap ideas.