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Regulatory Expectations

What the regulators know.

Your institution’s overall compliance management program (and your compliance with each regulation) isn’t supposed to be just like every other institution.  The regulators expect that you will approach your market and your customers in a special way.  What kind of institution you are you makes a difference. Your size and your products and services play a big role. Finally, your market is important – for example, if you are in Miami, Florida, that’s a whole other ball game from Miami County, Indiana.

However, your “special way” can’t comprise risky situations that virtually invite bad guys to use your bank for money laundering or terrorist financing.  Hence, the regulators will expect you to understand the regulations and comply completely as they apply to your situation. And that’s where we come in.  We make sure you’re correctly applying the regulations as they pertain to the kind of institution you are and the market in which you operate.  That means good procedures and good training and consistent (and persistent) monitoring.

In this section, we link up with published regulator expectations in the hope that it will help nudge you to compare  your compliance practices with what is expected.


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