Regulatory Expectations

Even what seems black and white can be full of gray.

Rarely is there a straight forward answer to a compliance question. That’s not a surprise, right?

Does the answer begin with, “it depends?”

When you hear that, you know you’re not going to get a direct answer. You’re going to get two, three or more “alternatives.” Such is the nature of compliance. When it comes to questions about how your bank actually “does compliance,” you likely have some choices and options.

You should keep in in mind…

Your bank’s overall compliance management program (and your compliance with each regulation) isn’t supposed to be just like every other bank. What kind of bank you are you makes a difference. Your size and your products and services play a big role. Finally, your market is important – for example, if you are in Miami, Florida, that’s a whole other matter from Miami County, Indiana.

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