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Regulatory Expectations for BSA/OFAC Risk Assessments are getting tougher.

Are you ready?

The BSA/OFAC risk assessment presents major challenges. The risk assessment must be focused on the your institution’s unique risk profile.  It requires much more data than in years past.  It’s a bigger, tougher job. 

We can help.

The Regulatory Expectation

The Risk Assessment is not optional. It is required by regulation. It must be done correctly because the Risk Assessment is a key tool in (a) managing the institution’s risk and (b) guiding the institution’s business processes.

Financial institution examiners (and auditors) expect the Risk Assessment to be deliberate and thorough – in fact, there is increasing pressure to produce a robust risk assessment, with more detail on the following:

(1) types of customers (especially business customers),

(2) geographical location (especially out of market or in HIDTA/HIFCA areas),

(3) “enhanced features”, like ACH and Remote Deposit, associated with the base account, and

(4) relevance of the risk assessment (identify and evaluate risks specific to your institution.)

The regulatory expectation requires the Risk Assessment to be “risk focused”.  In other words, in which accounts does the institution have real risk.  The risk assessment is meant to exist in context to events inside and outside the institution.

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 Available Services:

  • Policies and Procedure (Update or from Scratch)
  • Transaction Analysis
  • Risk Assessments include Risk Ratings and Risk Profile
  • Deficiency Remediation Narratives
  • Employee, Management and Board Online Training
  • Employee, Management and Board Custom Training Videos
  • Policy and Procedure Review and Comment

 Recent Projects:

  • Policies and Procedure (Update or from Scratch)
  • Customer and Account Transaction Analysis
  • Risk Assessments including Risk Ratings and Risk Profile
  • Deficiency Remediation Narratives
  • Board Online Training: BSA/OFAC  2022 Update
  • Employee Custom Training Videos

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